All About Nails !

This webiste "All About Nails" will be talking about the different kind of procedures and facts you would need to know inorder to take care or maybe do yours or somebody else's nails.

Nails are just as import as anything else. without nails your finger and toes could get infected and mess up your finger. We all need our fingers and toes, don't we ? I think he do because without finger and toes we wouldn't be able to do much of anything. Which is why nails are important. Nails also protect the tip of your fingers and toes. We don't need nails to live, but there are a lot of cons that come with not having nails.

    Cons :
  • High risk of nail infectiolns
  • Low enhancement of doing things
  • Won't be able to scrath your skin when it's itching you
  • The tissues in your nail area will be damaged
    1. Pros :
  • Low risk of nail infections
  • High enhancement in doing things
  • Able to scratch your skin
  • Healthy tissues
  • There is more pros and cons ! You could research more about.

    The impoortant things you need to know about nails will be listed below:

    Things you need to stop doing:

    How to keep your nail tools clean:

    How to keep your nails healthy:

    How to prep your nails: